Brave Ads not appearing on Mac

I’ve been an active user for 3 weeks now and haven’t received a single brave ad, while I do receive around 3 per hour on my phone which is not in sync with the brave on my mac.

Please look into this and let me know what’s the issue.


me too

@inishchith @sergiy23 maybe you guys use some system-wide adblocker like AdGuard?
Im also on Mac, have AdGuard installed. Brave browser is whitelisted. And I see ads normally.

@macfanol Nope. I don’t use any adblocker apart from the one provided by brave.

I have standard settings without third-party settings

@inishchith are you on Catalina or Big Sur?

@macfanol Yes. I’m on Catalina - 10.15.6

@inishchith if you are on Catalina and you see no ads, despite not having adblock of any sort enabled, than just look through this community: there are many people having the same problem.

i have the same problem! ios catalina

@macfanol I’ve gone through most of the posts + one of the issues filed on Github. Didn’t work even after making the suggested changes.

I am having the same issue in Catalina 10.15.6 … I hope that the Brave devs come through with an answer because it is hard to recommend Brave to people when it doesn’t even work properly.

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