Brave ad block is weak. Can't defeat youtube ads

Brave Ad blocker can’t defeat Youtube Ads

This is the second time I have been reporting about Youtube ad which bypass the Brave ad blocker.

Again Youtube Ads bypass the Brave ad blocker. It looks like Youtube Ads are getting strong enough to break Brave ad blocker.

Expected result: Should able to block Youtube Ads.

It happens 2nd times to me

OS Windows 11
Version 1.31.87 Chromium: 95.0.4638.54 (Official Build) (64-bit)

We’re actually still defeating youtube ads. Try clearing the youtube/google cookies, then re-login @Stifler #edited

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I’ve set to "aggressive mode " since first day. And let me check if the second option (cookie data) works or not.

Yes, but some escaped. How to clear youtube/google ads?

Correction, clearing youtube/google cookies.

ok. Let me see if works.

looks like I’m not able to see ads anymore. I don’t know which of the following methods works for me. But the problem is solved.

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I’ve had no issues yet. I use MacPro Sierra.

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