Brave Account Payout

I haven’t received my payout in my uphold account. Why?

I think if the project can’t run then it should be removed. And we should not pay so slowly. will cause many inhibitions

Dude, payments are done between 9-10 each month, relax.

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Thank you for your responce.

Thank you for your helpful reply.

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Brother who confirmed you that you say I will pay him will be on June 9 and 10

What do you mean, Sir?

who confirmed that the payment will be on June 9 and 10 is my question

June 9 I received 30 bat (10%) today 10/6 I have not received my remaining reward yet.

@3vantrieu3 remember you will be received all yours rewards until 31 May , the rewards you received after 31 May it’ll be pay for 9-10 July…

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good, I have not received the payment for what I worked last month

Good, I have not received the payment for what you worked last month. please help me

But why my friend didn’t received any payment? His reward is from May 9 to June 10

@Asad @eljuno , hey guys check this…

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