No payouts from Brave Creator rewards

i joined in barave creator 2 months ago. no payout received from it till now. my uphold account is verified in the same.
Every time the account shows " Payout In Progress "

What to do

If you got the tips after the 1st of a month, then those are processed the next month. Can you tell when you received the tips ?

  1. something in september and the balance in October (current month). atleaset i should have to get the bat of september month.

Please tell me the maximum date that the payout in a month occur ?

Umm I don’t understand. The payments start on the 13th of each month generally

13th i saw 8th in some articles.

The 8th is for BRAVE REWARDS FROM ADS. It’s not for Creators.

Okay thank you for the information

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