Brave 1.10.90 Crashing on Mac when Sync Enabled

Just upgraded to version 1.10.90. Sync was enabled with four other devices. After upgrading, browser would crash every 40-45 seconds, no matter what I was doing. Had idea to disable sync since that had been a problem in the past. Apparently it still is because after disabling sync, the browser no longer crashes.


I’m facing the exactly same thing down here every a few seconds it crash no matter what I’m doing at that moment. Really weird. I haven’t checked the sync function on my side though.
UPDATE: Sounds disabling sync feature works again. :frowning:

Having the same issue on windows 10

Platform: Window 10 LTSC

  • Ublock Origin


  • Bookmark Sync active

Same here, disabling sync solved the issue. Please fix it!

This morning (6/16/2020) the identical crash problem with me. Fortunately, I found this thread, disabled (deleted sync chain) and so far, so good.
Thanks thag0205.

Brave v 1.10.90 only extension is Dashlane Password Manager
MBP mid-2012 (I know - old)
macOS Mojave v 10.14.6


I’m having the same issue since the night of June 16th on my MacBook Pro with macOS Catalina.

It is solved by deactivating Sync, I hope it’s a casual issue that will be fixed in in a few days, as Sync for me it’s important as I use Brave also on my mobile device and rely on Sync for bookmark sync.

@thag0205, Welcome to Community!

Sync is disabled. For more information please see:

Can you try opening the Terminal and enter this command: open -a "Brave" --args --disable-brave-sync
This should disable sync and stop Brave from crashing.

But Sync v2 is available on Brave Nightly if you want to switch and test it.

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