Unable to unsinstall old version of Brave and unable to upgrade to new



After update, I got a blank windows screen whyle launching Brave.
But still have the message new version available.
Click on it, and turn round for same issue several time.
Just gettind a windows screen frame, but empty
I tryed to unstall and could uninstal one application, probably the old brave.
but couldn’t uninstal the second, called “Brave, Auteurs de Brave. Version”

I select it into windows program manager.
Click unsinstall.
got “no” screen but the shadow of a screen meanning “Uninstall Brave”
But it’s a windows that never apperar when I select it.

what the way to uninstall this non working part of application, in the application manager ?

Reproduced some 10 times, at several different days/

Reproducible on current live release (yes/no):
unable to launch current release, same issue with blank frame windows


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