Brade Rewards decrease after updating today 3rd Aug 2020

Hi, I have been using android version of brave browser as a default browser since very long time. So, my total rewards were 84BAT before updating as of 3 Aug 2020. But, when i see new updates are available, so i did update it. But, omg! It showing now 48BAT. Also, on each successive month claiming the rewards, some BAT were reduced after claiming but generally i ignore it as i am not here to earn but due to feature that brave browser providing me. I am providing screenshot here.


i think they opened Auto-Contribute
check if it was closed after update or not

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Auto contribution was off. I did checked before updating. I did screenshot because i thought if some bugs is there while updating, it could help to resolve. As from my previous experience, some BATS were reduced while claiming but generally i ignored it. But this time it is 36 BAT which i think is a lot.

Hi. the accumulated rewards were cut in half. I wanted to know what the reason is. because I have seen what happened to other people.

But who will provide solution here. I am not getting any response from official support member till now.

Same problem I am facing before update in my
brave://rewards-internals shows 18.7 BAT but now it’s showing only 15 Bat , this is not fair you change rewards according on your basis, one brave ads not showing more than 2-3 and rewards which I earned by difficulties , it also detucted , so please help me #brave-rewards #uncategorized #support-and-troubleshooting

See 'Duplicated BAT' Display Bug

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