Bottom bar suggestion


Hi Brave Team.

It was a good decision to adopt to the chrome duet as the main UI design. it is really useful on the large screen devices.

Now for the suggestion,

It makes sense when I am in the overview mode (All tab / tab navigation) to add a new tab using the ‘+’ button on the middle of the bottom bar.
But it will be more useful if you can change that ‘+’ feature to ‘edit’ address bar feature when using a particular tab.

I’m telling this out of experience, because I’ve been using chrome home & chrome duet ever since they came out.

Please do make the change, because, otherwise the main aim of bringing the bar to the bottom (reachability) is defeated, and I have to manually extend myself to the top of the screen to change the URL.

Thank you.

P.S. I’m seeing that some fraction of people are not okay with the new UI, especially on Samsung devices. Are you planning to make that change ‘optional’?

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