Bring Back New Tab + Button for Bottom Navigation Bar


I highly recommend switching the Search Button back to the New Tab (+) Button on the lower navigation bar.

I now have to click twice, any time I want to open a new tab, instead of just once. You’ve just increased the number of clicks that I have to perform by 100%, for an action that I perform 1000x more frequently than searching a web page for a particular word.

I suggest you collect metrics about how frequently users search web pages, versus how frequently they open new tabs, and prove me wrong.

There’s a reason why Microsoft, Google, etc. have relegated “Find in page” functions to secondary menus - they’ve conducted the HMI (human machine interface) research, and found the “Find in page” just isn’t used that frequently.

Swapping in the Search Button in for the New Tab (+) Button might cause me to stop using Brave, until this issue is fixed. You’re making my user experience quite onerous, by forcing me to perform two actions for an activity I perform quite frequently - opening new tabs - that previously only required one click.

Btw, I created my Brave Community account specifically to address this issue.

Thank you for your time.

Now where’s that New Tab (+) button so I can visit another website…



Hi @RandomThoughts,

Thank you for your feedback! I will pass it along to the team.

Thanks again for your time!



Can I counter this request and add, keep the search button because I love it, but add a new tab button to the bottom as requested. You could replace the bookmark button with a new tab one. In reality, people press the new tab button more than the bookmark button so it would make sense