Bring Back New Tab + Button for Bottom Navigation Bar

I highly recommend switching the Search Button back to the New Tab (+) Button on the lower navigation bar.

I now have to click twice, any time I want to open a new tab, instead of just once. You’ve just increased the number of clicks that I have to perform by 100%, for an action that I perform 1000x more frequently than searching a web page for a particular word.

I suggest you collect metrics about how frequently users search web pages, versus how frequently they open new tabs, and prove me wrong.

There’s a reason why Microsoft, Google, etc. have relegated “Find in page” functions to secondary menus - they’ve conducted the HMI (human machine interface) research, and found the “Find in page” just isn’t used that frequently.

Swapping in the Search Button in for the New Tab (+) Button might cause me to stop using Brave, until this issue is fixed. You’re making my user experience quite onerous, by forcing me to perform two actions for an activity I perform quite frequently - opening new tabs - that previously only required one click.

Btw, I created my Brave Community account specifically to address this issue.

Thank you for your time.

Now where’s that New Tab (+) button so I can visit another website…


Hi @RandomThoughts,

Thank you for your feedback! I will pass it along to the team.

Thanks again for your time!

Can I counter this request and add, keep the search button because I love it, but add a new tab button to the bottom as requested. You could replace the bookmark button with a new tab one. In reality, people press the new tab button more than the bookmark button so it would make sense


Yes please. This has made the user experience worse ever since they removed it.

Why remove stuff? Just make it optional/customizable and everyone wins! No need to ponder about what to add or remove… The user can tailor it to how he/she prefers.

Hence customization… There is no “one-fit-all” solution to UI design.

You can disable “Home page” in Settings. And you’ll get the New Tab button.

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What if you want “Home Page”? Why do you have to disable something unrelated to get something else?

Edit: Just tried this. It adds the + button all the way to the left (very hard to reach) and the (in my opinion) useless search button in the middle where the + should be.

I can’t stress this enough: customization is always the solution. No need to ponder about which buttons to put where, if the user can tailor the experience, everyone wins. :slight_smile:

Edit 2: I feel like the response to this is kind of lazy. It’s important to see others’ perspective. Some people won’t agree with my button preferences, that’s why I don’t want them to lose the search button as some people like it. If it’s customizable, then both sides will be happy. It’s that simple. :wink:


To continue on @saar’s point: customization is the way to go, especially on mobile, where drag and drop is a natural gesture. We should have a edit button (in the settings) where we can just move icons around on the menu, bottom bar, etc. I don’t understand why so many developers don’t understand that. Maybe there are valid reasons we, from the outside, can’t see, in which case I am more than willing to understand, if explained. Otherwise, I highly doubt this is the cause.


I agree with @cram2208. That would be just the best thing to do. For me it’s fine to disable home page to have the new tab button, but unlike some others I want keep the search button in the middle. Everyone has different opinion about the buttons in the bottom panel, so the customization would be a solution for everyone.

Try if you can quickly open new tab by double-tapping tabs button.
They should add option to set what the middle button in lower toolbar does:
b)open new tab
c)shows bookmarks

Bump thread, any customization options is good