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Hiding bookmarks behind 2 screen taps on the iPad instead of just 1 is a monumentally annoying design decision. Fluidity of use is king. I alsolutely need a permanently visible button that alllows to immideately bring them up.


Thanks for asking. I normally just replace the existing tab on the iPhone. I do a lot of new tabs on my PC but on an iPhone the smaller real estate makes it not worth it.

I prefer just having a bookmarks pulldown somewhere and don’t mind losing a little of the URL bar for this. A lot of usability to me is how many clicks it takes to do something. Maybe a setting that allows you to choose whether you want a bookmarks pulldown would be in order.

Separate topic, but I don’t understand the difference between favorites and bookmarks. Seems like it should be the same, or just give people the option when they click into the URL bar to show their bookmarks instead of favorites there. I still want the pulldown but this is just a thought in addition to that.

@cpub @joshi What would you think about the ability to customize the actions in the toolbar? For example: Replace the forward icon with bookmarks, or change the placement of add bookmarks to the top? Since not all find use in the same features, how would you feel about the ability to customize toolbars based on your choices?


Nuking the bookmarks icon totally screwed the pooch. Incredibly stupid move.

I’ve been a Brave user on IOS (and desktop) from day 1, and like other posters on this thread have turned many other people onto Brave, but this insanely stupid decision is now causing me to abandon it.

I like your product and what you are trying to do with it, but it’s now makes it so cumbersome to hit my lists of sites that for me, it’s just “screw it, I’ll just use Safari until I can find something to replace Brave.”

I’ve been a websurfer since the days of dial-ups, Mosaic, and AltaVista. Netscape was a thing . . . until it wasn’t. Firefox was a thing . . . until it wasn’t. Brave has been a thing . . . and whoever made this boneheaded decision may well be the one responsible for its early demise.

The code is there. Just reimplement it already.

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Hi. Toolbar on the iPhone app? Where?

Or are referring to the desktop app?

I think user configuration is usually good. But the default should be self evident. Caution always when functions move and change causing user whiplash. In information graphic design it’s called don’t make me think.


Add me to the chorus of users who want the bookmarks “hamburger” added back to the main page next to the address bar. I visit dozens of websites a day, and I typically do not open a new tab each time. I have my bookmarks categorized by folder, and adding them all to the favorites would not be effective.

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Even though I like the new change, it would be great to have more customisation regarding the toolbar (not only on iOS, but also on the Brave desktop version). In the best case to add/remove and move icons around freely via drag and drop (obviously only in a special modus, not always).
I created a github issue for the Brave desktop a month ago

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Yes, such customization would be great.

On the desktop version, the #1 thing I wish it had that it doesn’t now is the ability to use keywords, so that when you hit, say, a test, you can go to Amazon and it’ll type in the word test. Sort of the equivalent of the DuckDuckGo bangs but without needing to type in the !.

Hi James, thanks for the opportunity to contribute.

Q: do you typically launch a new tab before opening a bookmark, or replace the existing tab?
A: Both: if “a subject of current interest” tab is already open then => bookmark, otherwise => new tab => bookmark.

Regarding a solution to the real estate problem, you already have one on this page :slight_smile:

In other words, why not:

  1. Replace all the functionality you took away, the bookmark hamburger icon and my beloved Bookmark Bar [I love the ability to embed menus in it]

  2. Provide a means of alternately retracting/exposing all the controls (the URL and everything) by the user tapping on the two white lines in the centre of the orange bar.

  • It’s intuitive
  • users can choose from moment to moment whether they want to be navigating or reading
  • it adds only 1 level of indirection, a small price to pay for instant access to a non cluttered and clean “user interaction” panel
  • it allows future additions as you foreshadowed
  • you avoid the coding complication of saving and restoring preferences and the user complication of setting them
  • it provides the best of both worlds … a nice clean full screen plus maximum user interaction interface



Is this a joke? My first comment in the thread came when my iPad updated with this braindead change. Since it was obvious the change was braindead and there was plenty of negative comments I was sure the change would be reverted / put on hold. Intsead, today my iPhone got the same ridiculous change? Are you for real? Dumping this and going back to Safari until this is reverted and a huge apology posted. Unbelievable.

@Jago Your Ipad and Iphone got the change at the same time as the appstore is shared between the two devices. So you probably just forgot to update the app on your iphone.
Some like the new changes, some don‘t. As far as I can see the brave team is working on finding a solution for everyone.
But in the end it‘s the Brave‘s team decision what they do. I just said that in another thread … what is unbelieveable for me is the way how people talk to the devs of a free open-source project. I don‘t think they own anyone any apologize for making a decisions in their team, especially not if they even respond to the user’s feedback and try to find a solution for the future.

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I agree that changing access to the three dots to access my bookmarks is horrible. It takes me several attempts to get the menu to open just to see an option to see my bookmarks. It is so bad that I will be going back to safari until it is fixed.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. We are currently working towards adding an option to enable a bookmark button on the top left, next to the URL bar:

All feedback is welcome. :smile:

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iPhone user here.

Also preferred the previous bookmark placement/functionality to the current. I don’t mind losing some address bar space.

Thanks for looking into it and considering the feedback of your users.


Glad to hear about restoring the best in class mobile bookmark feature. NO OTHER MOBILE BROWER has that very functional placement and menu feature.

Got to say also, mobile and desktop browsers were much better before developers dumped their good software and became Chrome-Clones. Now every browser developer is a copy cat copying poor design.

Not sure where to say thanks. So thanks for restoring the option to have the bookmarks on the top left. Pat yourself on the back and put a gold star on your forehead for a week.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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