Bookmarks on the far right is not clickable in full screen mode

Dear Sir and Madam,
I use Brave v1.59.117 on macOS Sonoma 14.0.
As mentioned in the title of the article, in full screen mode I cannot use the bookmarks displayed on the far right (The bookmarks to the right of the Brave Rewards icon). I can’t do anything with them. Not right,left click, not drag and drop.

I will try testing this error on other OS and update it in the comments section below.

This issue does not occur in full screen mode

Best regards

I realized that there was a whole area around that was disabled.

  • When I open dev tools (F12) in Dock to right I can’t select Console, Sources, Network tab.
  • At com I can’t click to My profile Icon/Search icon/Hamburger icon

The area is highlighted in the image below

It was fine at 1.59.120

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