Bookmarks not syncing between mobile and desktop

I have attmepted to sync my bookmarks between my desktop (Windows 10) and mobile phone (Galaxy Note9). They are part of the same sync chain and the only toggle switch under sync settings on the desktop is for bookmarks. However, there is not sync. The bookmarks on the desktop are not available on mobile and vice versa.

How do I get it to actually sync?

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I have the same problem. Going to ‘Sync it shows ‘LOADING DEVICES…’’ but nothing happen. No devices shows up.

OK, then I try to ‘Add another device by clicking the link/banner provided.’
2 options ‘Add a Mobile Device’ and ‘Add a Computer’ … I choose computer…

This is what it shows:

There is no full text and can’t scroll down. OK, let’s try QR code…

Same, no code visible ?!

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Why is no one helping with this? My bookmarks arent working either and now some are missing


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