Bookmark Sync is not syncing

Syncing should be automatic, correct?, and I did try setting up the sync chain again with the qr code. It appears my phone synced once, and any changes to the desktop or phone bookmarks do not update each other. If I check the sync chain, I can see both devices listed. A windows 8.1 x64 pc, and android 8.1 phone. On the phone, everything from the desktop is listed in a ‘mobile bookmarks’ folder. I have over 650 bookmarks, so maybe that is the issue?
Both devices can be seen on both devices in the sync settings, sync is indeed switched on, both devices are always on the same wifi network, and I’ve tried multiple networks.

Expected result:

Brave Version(See the About Brave page in Settings):
Desktop: Version 0.68.131 Chromium: 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)
mobile: Version 1.1.0 Chromium 75.0.2770.101

Mobile Device details

samsung j7 pro


android 8.1

desktop version

windows 8.1 x64


I’m having a similar issue but my thing is not all my bookmarks are going over, and I’m missing entire folders


I have over 650 bookmarks

@aaronwi @Jason Just wanted to say to please not rely on sync right now as the main driver for bookmark management. It’s very unstable/unreliable.


@Javin Is there an estimate on when it will get mixed? I want to use Brave as my backup browser for none worked related things but if the bookmarks aren’t being transferred properly


Edited and deleted bookmarks do not be synced, that is one issue I have encountered.


I’m having the same issue.

On my tablet it shows tablet and my computer, on computer sync page it shows also both devices.

But whenever I delete add bookmarks on both devices they do not appear anywhere on other device. There isn’t even mobile bookmarks folder on my computer.

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You can try using Pocket app. You can save pages individually on desktop. But I think there must be also a way to import bookmarks.

Install brave extension on your desktop browser, sign up, then download pocket app on your phone, log in and browse all your saved links and bookmarks.


@aaronwi are you still experiencing what you had originally reported? I believe the bookmark structure has since been unified across mobile and desktop.

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Its definitely still a problem as I’ve just set up Brave for the first time and syncing bookmarks is a train wreck. I was even getting old bookmarks that I had deleted in Chrome before the import. Syncing would then take an absolute age to come through and will not keep the same order or even structure as the primary PC’s layout

I was trying to sync between two PC’s, not even a PC to a mobile.

Like you, I have been trying Sync only between PC’s as I haven’t been brave (ha ha) enough to let it “attack” my mobile version. Saying it is a train wreck is generous. Frankly, Sync has been screwed up ever since Brave brought it back after changing to the Chromium base. I even spent two days deleting most of my bookmarks in Brave on my home PC to give it less work to do and it has still never propagated to my work PC. There are even times when Sync turns a bookmark into a folder! This has been brought up many times so it’s not like the development team is unaware Sync is functioning in a completely unacceptable manner. The only good thing I can say about it right now is it is no longer causing Brave to crash (during which time I temporarily went back to Google Chrome).

All that being said, I am still pro-Brave. I know it has limited resources and doesn’t want any of us to be unhappy. That being said, eventually, Sync needs fixin’. Out of beta or not, it’s hard to take a modern browser seriously that can’t sync bookmarks.


I gave this issue as well, syncing between desktop and mobile. I setup sync chain and both devices shows each other but not syncing at all

Hi @Silverhiro, very sorry for your troubles here. Would you mind posting a screen shot of your brave://sync. There is one issue that might be relevant, sometimes two devices will think they are the same one and syncing is odd from there on out. We are close to a fix but want to see if this is the case.

HI @KoHoSo I don’t suppose you have an example of a bookmark that got turned into a folder do you? I’d love to try to reproduce and fix that.

I will try to remember to check my Win10 laptop tonight to see if it is still doing it (I don’t use it much and haven’t touched Brave on it since at least early September due to my frustration with Sync). As I recall, I mostly saw this from August through maybe early October as syncing my Linux Mint machine at home and my Windows 7 one at work was such a constant mess that I did indeed temporarily replace Brave with Google Chrome/Chromium. While I am not seeing it on those two machines lately (which appear to not be even trying to Sync any more even though I clearly have it turned on), I can assure you it was often a minute-to-minute battle where Brave would change my changes faster than I could finish them…and that includes turning bookmarks into folders…and I did indeed check that it wasn’t just an icon glitch. I could actually put new bookmarks into these newly-created-by-Brave folders.

I have the same issues. I am trying to run a sync between an android phone/mac/linux and windows. The native sync will only sync some bookmarks/folders and not others. I have been getting around this by using rsync, but it would be great if this would work natively.

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Same issues. Same frustration. I came here to this Brave Community and am disappointed that there is no resolution.

SUCCESS --> Syncing Brave Version 0.68.131 Chromium: 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit TO Brave Version 1.0.1 Chromium: 78.0.3904.108 ( Official Build) (32-bit).
on Windows 7 32 bit All bookmarks went over in a manner of seconds from the Windows 10 64 bit configured Brave to the Windows 7 32 bit configured Brave as detailed above, between the brave versions

FAILED–> Syncing from the Windows 7 32 Bit to the Windows 10 64 bit with the Brave versions detailed above. So, for example, the links from the Windows 10 went over, but the links from the Windows 7 did not come over to the Windows 10. ( using the installed Brave browsers ) ( and by the way, the Windows 10 brave browser “lower version” claimed it was “up to date”, you mean up to date on Windows 10 ?

I entered the sync code from given by the Windows 10 into the Windows 7 in the above configuration. Both machines appeared on both Brave browsers, no problem. But only the Windows 10 pushed the links to the Windows 7, not vice versa. I removed both machines and entered the sync code given by the Windows 7 on to the Windows 10. FAILED No links went over.

Now for the philosophical / boring part where I bang my head on the table:
I really really really love Brave, the speed, the concept, the Bat, the philosophy the integrated crypto wallets password trick where it asks you to give your system password to look at the password saved in the settings. Its awesome, and I was a total convert from Chrome.

What’s going on ? Its getting increasingly frustrating. OTOH, whatever. I’m tired for being the guinea pig, and I guess I’ll have to accommodate others as I presume others have accommodated my functional software illiteracy from years ago. Okay, enough. Thanks for trying / caring to fix this. Any suggestions ? Thanks for listening to my rant


I’m assuming the issue is still WIP? I’m having similar issues between desktop, laptop and phone. They have partly synced. But it’s taken several days and it’s still not fully synced. It seems to be doing something in the background in stages.

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I was hoping the whole sync issue was resolved in the v1 release, but it seems not :confused:

I ended up having to fully disable the bookmarks sync feature a while back (between 2 Windows + 1 mobile), as it started using high CPU on one of my desktop machines.
I’ve not turned it back on (or tried again from scratch) since - and based on the recent comments, I think I’ll leave it a while.
I agree, it’s a shame - as I really wanna use Brave (instead of Chrome), but I can’t afford to have disparate bookmarks all over the place.
Fingers-crossed for a fix soon! :crossed_fingers:


Tell me about it. I switched from Chrome to Firefox. And then recently to Brave. Although Brave still has some way to go to offer the same personal experience as the other two, I wanted to get totally behind it but I’ll have to cut back over to Firefox until the sync feature is resolved. It’s causing me big issues at the moment. Let’s hope they get it sorted pretty soon because you would think it is one of the most basic problems to fix?