Bookmarks dropdown missing

  1. My bookmarks dropdown appears empty. For some reason they are all missing, although if I look at “Bookmark Manager” they are all still there.

  2. If I restart the Brave browser they all reappear. But will only last for 30m or so and then they disappear again.



I’m experiencing the same.

Version 1.44.108
Chromium: 106.0.5249.103 (Official Build) (arm64)
macOS 12.6

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Same. Has been like this for months now. Brave developers are alseep at the wheel.

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Brave, any updates here?

Is there no actual support for Brave, just a forum that isn’t monitored?

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They have limited amount of people working Support and it’s a hit or miss on whether they see topics. The other thing is that posts that ignore the templates, such as yours, can be ignored.

Troubleshooting technical issues is much easier when both the user and support agent practice clear communication. For this reason, we have provided the template below for you to fill out with information about your issue. Please provide as much detail as possible so we can most efficiently resolve your problem.

Delete the any text above the line separator below before posting

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As for me, I’m just going to make sure it’s clear that I’m just another User. The reason why I’ve not helped is because I’m on Windows and not on Mac. I know for the most part, Bookmarks are shown in Bookmarks Manager unless you have your Bookmarks Bar turned on.

In brave://settings/appearance you have a toggle that says Show Bookmarks. Or you can essentially do the same by hitting the Show or hide the Bookmarks Bar keyboard shortcut which is ⌘ + Shift + b,

Any more than that though, would need to see if @Mattches could help.

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We have a Github issue filed for this here:

I’ve added this report to the thread and have pinged some team members internally to take a look when they can.

Thank you.


From the previous thread in September: No bookmarks in Bookmarks menu after latest upgrade

Thank you everyone! I will stand by — also happy to test the feature.

The forum makes us feel good about ourselves … or something of that nature.

Still not fixed by Brave or Google

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