Bookmark Side bar intermittently working when I click on it

Brave just crashed 2-3 hours ago now with 10 tabs open.
Restarted and Brave did not say ‘Sorry for the crash’
or anything like FF does.

Didn’t automatically restart the pre-opened tabs when I restarted
the browser. Also the customize & control icon (3 lines top right)
is intermittently working when I click on it. This all started 3 days ago.

I’ve been using the browser mainly with little or zero glitches.

Since the beginning of February it has been one problem
after another.

When I click on the bookmarks tab on the side of the browser
I can see a partial menu, like it only half opens or something.
If I click on it multiple times then the bookmarks appear as normal.
Same goes for the 'Customize & Control icon (top right 3 line)
in the corner of the browser.

I also tried to reset my Brave browser back to the default
setting and the circle just went around and around and
around for 15 minutes before I finally just closed the browser

Any thoughts on why these anomalies are happening well
into my first month of relatively minimal problems?

I am using Windows 10 32 bit version.
Version 0.59.34 Chromium: 72.0.3626.81 (Official Build) (32-bit)

Thanks for opening the new topic, appreciate it.

You can set default startup behavior in the Settings --> On Startup:

I’d love to see a short recording or screenshot(s) of the menu behavior you’re describing. I’m not sure I’ve ever encountered it.

I have gone completely through my computer by uninstallimg
Windows 10 default graphics driver, changing out my regular
mouse, trying the same/similar scenarios with Internet Explorer,
Google’s Chrome browser, FireFox Quantum (latest version).
Microsoft Edge (latest version) and have come to the conclusion
that it is indeed a problem with the Chromium version of Brave.
Google Chrome causes the same effect. All the other browsers
behave as they should without glitches. My suggestion to the
IT staff is to not release a version as glitchy as the current
version until rigorous Beta testing has been done. Otherwise
you wouldn’t be so busy trying to answer all of the questions
and problems users are having with the current Brave browser.
Alas, I’ll have to revert back to the old, slow FF Quantum until
an actual open source browser is out and works without major
glitches. As I stated previously, I have been using the ‘new’
Brave/Chromium browser since the first or second week in
January and it wasn’t until the first few days into February that
these anomalies started and persist. I did check the default startup
in settings that continues where I left off in case of a crash but it
still does not answer why Brave crashed. I wish you well and
hope that Brave get’s fixed.

Can you provide a screenshot or screen recording of the menu/bookmark behavior you’re describing? As I mentioned before I’ve never seen or heard of this.
It seems an awful lot like a hardware acceleration issue. Can you try disabling it t see if that resolves the issue?
Settings --> Advanced --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

Hello again, I have unchecked the box for hardware acceleration

and restarted my computer and it does not make a difference.

I have gone into windows device manager and uninstalled windows

own default graphics driver (crap) because it will not let me use

the graphics card own device drivers to see if that is the problem.

Rebooted and let it reinstall the windows driver and that does not work.

I am only having this issue with Google Chrome browser & Brave’s


What I can’t truly understand is as of January 31st I had zero problems

clicking on the side icon (top right side) to pull down more of my bookmarks

without this problem. February 1st I have this ongoing issue. Not only

the bookmark icon problem but the settings icon at the top right is

affected as well (3 lines).

If I click on the icons multiple times they end up working but not without

effort. Sometimes I click on them and they work straightway.

I am more than happy to give you a screenshot but I am 95% sure it

is a Chromium architecture problem.

Sorry to be a pain in the posterior but I have long been a Brave user

since they first came out with it years ago so it’s kind of aggravating

waiting on the team to finally ‘get it right’.

Given that I’ve never seen this reported before, can’t reproduce it, and for whatever reason you’re unwilling to show the behavior, I’m not entirely sure what I can do for you.

I’ll make sure the devs see this but without more information or reports I can’t offer you any kind of solution at this time. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Not that I’m unwilling to take a screen shot.
I just don’t know how it could help other than
seeing what it is intermittently doing.

What are your thoughts that it is only
happening on Google Chrome and Brave

That you’re probably right, and that it’s a Chromium related issue. However, since I’m unsure/unable how to reproduce it and nobody else is reporting it, I’m hesitant to file it as an issue.

A video of the behavior helps several times more than a description. Maybe I’m reading/misunderstanding your issue? Maybe there was a step you forgot to mention or something else notable? There are many potential reasons we may be talking passed one another - visual confirmation of the issue eliminates all of that.