Bookmark issue in Brave

Why can’t I view my bookmarks when I start using Brave browser in my new PC. I can only see those bookmarks that I had added in Chrome, not the ones that I added in brave.

Hello @Shrayesh

if you go to brave://bookmarks/

do you see them or not ?

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hello @justsomeone1

I just went through the link that you provided. I can only see those that I had created earlier while using Chrome. I can’t see the ones that I bookmarked after I quit chrome and started using Brave.
Also, should we log in from Chrome only to start in Brave? I can’t see any option to log in to Brave directly?

@Shrayesh you need to use Import option in Brave and import bookmarks from Chrome (or whatever browser you have been using),

For Mac, just click on Brave > Import Bookmarks and Settings....
For other systems (Win/Linux): Brave Settings > Get Started and click on Import bookmarks and settings

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just to make sure i got you right

when you go to the link you see only the bookmarks that you imported from chrome and any bookmark you do in brave does not show up there right?

if this right can you go to any website that you did not bookmark before and bookmark it and go check the link again and see if it show up there

if not then try to create new profile
go to menu then create a new profile then try to bookmark any website there and see if it show up

hope that help and have a nice day

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