Bookmark Black Folders

Description of the issue: A couple of months ago I had these clean black folders for my bookmarks, but then Brave got an updated and now I have ugly yellow folders again.
How can this issue be reproduced? Because of the update proably.

Expected result: How do I get the black folders for bookmarks back?

Brave Version( check About Brave): V1.37.113

Additional Information: Please give my clean black bookmark folders back lol

No information given.
No support requested.

Not entirely sure what you’re referring to here — are you referring to bookmarks folders that appear in the bookmarks bar (image 1) or in the manager (image 2)?

(image 1)

(image 2)

What version of Windows are you using at this time?

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How did you get black folders in the first place?
Is that a Theme?

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Hello! I’m referring to the bookmarks bar (image 1).

I’m using Windows 10 Pro version 10.0.19043.

I don’t know to be honest, I just woke up to that one time, had them for like a week, and one day I wake up to them being yellow again :frowning:

Can you share a screenshot of how you appear for you now? Additionally, is the way they appear in my screenshot the way you are expecting them to look?

I’m also curious as @Passenger asked — did/do you have any themes installed in the browser at this time?

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No themes and no black folders ever. Everything looks like it always did for me.

Also no particular problem, except I would like to have black folders (never having heard of that before).

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This is how they appear now.

The ones in your screenshot are white, mine back then looked something like this:

I did not have any themes installed, nor do I have any installed now.

Apologies — this is actually an old intentional design change. I guess it was old enough that I forgot it’d happened :sweat_smile:

@yagidev if this is just now happening for you, you must have been behind several updates.

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Oh no, I’m not behind with any updates.

I’m just hopeful.

This whole time I was hoping I’d get those folders back.

So, is there any way to get them back?

Or you can at least like make a suggestion as a mod to the team to add a feature that let’s you choose between those two variants of folders?


You’re welcome to open a Feature Request here on Community for it.

:point_up: You stated that this issue occurred after a recent update. However, this particular change in the folder icons happened several updates ago. So you were at one point behind on updates. You appear to be using the latest version now, however.

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Sure thing, thanks for the help!

Are they usually quick on adding new features if they are wanted or do they take a while?

It will likely take a while if its decided to implement at all. The unfortunate nature of software development.

Given the amount of time it took to add custom backgrounds and how long it has been since people have been asking for vertical tabs, “the unfortunate nature of software development” feels like a poor excuse to avoid saying “we don’t care”.

Well… hopefully they can add this one 'cause I don’t think it would be that hard.