How can I save all tabs in a window?


I’m new to Brave and can’t find some basics. I don’t know if they don’t exist of if I’m not looking under the right rock.

Big picture: How to pick later where I left off.
More specifically: How can I quickly save a window, either bookmarking all tabs into a folder OR saving the window with a name so it can be re-opened. I think this is a basic browser function, not a frill.

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Just right click on a tab, you have the option at the bottom of the popup to save all opened tabs in a folder.
Place your folder on your bookmarks bar, then later you can, with a middle click (instant) or right click (choose option), open all bookmarked pages of this folder.


Huh…on Brave 0 25.2. V8 6.9.427.24 x64 I have no option to bookmark all tabs. I have close tab, close tabs to the left, close tabs to the right at the bottom of right click pop up. No option to bookmark or save.

W7 x64, If that matters.

Edit: First time I posted, it bounced. I’ve now upgraded to whatever version was current on 12/22, no change in the lack of a Save All Tabs per window or Save Session in my version.


Last stable is chromium based v0.58.16



So should I install from here:


?? I had recently run the browser link to ‘check for updates’, then updated. That got me to the version




(Ja it’s a simplistic question, I have health issues that make it unpossible to keep track of details)

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OK, I ran setup. I now have a “bookmark all tabs” item, which is a great feature. It also erased my previous session with about 125 tabs…


read: Common Issues, Solutions, and Troubleshooting


Thanks, I’ll give it a try. Seems to have erased my entire browser history, maybe it is stored but not being read. I’ll check the troubleshooter.


    December 23

read: Common Issues, Solutions, and Troubleshooting


The update doesn’t delete any data. It’s definitely still on there. Can you tell me what steps you’ve taken so far?

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