Bookmark 3 dot (kebab) menu instability

Description of the issue:
While on the bookmark page, pressing the 3 dots menu (kebab) creates unstable response. Upon pressing the kebab, the flyout menu showing “select, edit, … up, down” opens briefly but then disappears (minimizes) without any user interaction. The user is unable to select their desired option. The user must then repeat the operation, by again pressing the kebab. On the 2nd occurrence, the behavior is as expected. The flyout menu appears and persists so that the user may select their desired option.

This happens repeatedly when trying to move booksmarks up / down on the page. Since moving is done up / down one row at a time, the bug is very disruptive. The bug increases the time to move a bookmark by more than double. It is an intermittent bug, occurring about 70% of the time, making the user experience even more uncomfortable because the user cannot adapt to the random occurrence.

A video file is attached showing the behavior.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Navigate to bookmarks page
  2. Press 3 dots menu (kebab) at right side of a bookmark
  3. Flyout menu appears then disappears without any user interaction
  4. User must repeat pressing kebab
  5. Flyout menu appears and persists as expected. User can select option.

Expected result:
Kebab flyout menu persists so that user can select menu option.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

Additional Information:
Notice on the screen recording that the menu quickly disappears before the bookmark is moved up or down, showing that user action has not been input.


Have you updated Brave Browser for Android, to the latest version (today is Saturday Feb. 12, 2022) . . . and found the same kabob menu issue / problem?

Clear some cache, cookies, data, etc.:

. . . and then Exit / Quit Brave Browser. And then, start Brave Browser. See if that fixes things for you.

IF not, then you might address your Brave Browser for Android kabob menu performance issue to @Mattches.

I’ve opened the following issue on this for the developers to review:


1.35.101 here. I tested this on a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra running Android 11.

95% of the time the kebab menu will function normally. 5% of the time the issue occurs where it opens and then quickly closes. So the issue is present, just not as pronounced as OP’s.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but you’re in the mobile support forum. In most of the threads you’ve replied to, you’ve linked to some article, issue, etc regarding desktop and macOS browsers. While I understand that you’re trying to help, providing answers that aren’t relevant or don’t apply to the mobile browser might confuse people. You should get into the habit of double-checking the header tags while you’re posting so you don’t mismatch your operating systems.


Thanks for taking a note of this. I cleared all cache, cookies, data, history as suggested and the problem persists. For the 1st 10 or so touches immediately after data clearing I did not have the problem…I thought it might have been solved…but then it started happening at regular frequency. As @Wiggly noted it was less of a problem for them, but on my device it happens maybe 70% of the time. Cheers.


Okay, mine is doing this a lot too now. Fortunately most actions, besides moving the bookmark up or down, can be done by long pressing on the bookmark in the list. This “selects” the bookmark, and then up top you can see icons to edit, move (to another folder), and delete the bookmark. Since I use those, that’s probably why I never noticed this bug. You should perform actions using those icons for now as a workaround until this issue can be resolved in a future update.

As a side note, being required to open that kebab menu and press the “move up” option 937 times to move one bookmark from the bottom of the list to the top when you have hundreds of bookmarks is… dumb. We need to be able to drag them up or down. Not move them one space at a time.

Yeah I agree. Moving up and down one by one is a bit silly in 2022…should be replaced with dragging…like on desktop. These days I use 99% mobile (hence why I am using a big Galaxy S7+ tablet), so would be nice to have that function in mobile. Maybe if they just did that, it would kill 2 birds with one stone!

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