Mobile (Android) Bookmark move up / down instability

Description of issue:
when in the bookmarks, and attempting to move a bookmark up or down in the list, the 3 dots/kebab/more vert menu flashes on, then quickly off before I am able to select an item from the menu. This happens intermittently. If it happens. The next time I select the kebab it is stable, stays on, and I can press move up or down. But it’s very annoying because it makes moving a bookmark a painstaking affair… having to wait for the unstable behavior to occur once, before I can re-select the kebab and perform my desired action.

How can this issue be reproduced?

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I have attached a screen recording…(update: well fantastic. It seems it won’t let me upload… says I am a ‘new user’ though I have an ‘Anniversary’ badge)

Interestingly it was quite stable (go figure) for the first part of this test…but when I scrolled the screen down, it started to occur.
Taps are visible in the video. You can observe 4 occurrences, at 0:45, 0:51, 0:58 and 1:05. You can see that at these occurrences there is an initial tap to open the kebab menu, but there is no 2nd tap to close it. It closes quickly and automatically without user input. On the other correctly functioning taps in the video, you can see the menu stays open so that I can tap a 2nd time to move the bookmark up or down in the list.

Expected result:
Kebab menu stays open so that user can input desired operation

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Mobile Device details
Android 11, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, One UI 3.1

Additional Information:
Thanks for your help. :blush:

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