Blocking and timed-blocking websites

Is there a way to add a feature where I can add websites to a block list? Something that would really be handy is a way to block websites between certain hours. I’m trying to be more productive and break the habit of “bored-browsing” (maybe there’s a “surf bored” joke in there, somewhere?) certain websites, particularly news sites for me.
A feature where I can add these websites to a list and set the times where I can access them, and if I slip up and try to open those sites off-hours, a message pops up that says something like, “That site is currently inaccessible, now go do something productive, instead!”
Is that a thing that already exists or can be made? Sure would help!

Advanced time anything probably can be done by an extension, there are too many, something like this, you would have to test it and make sure it does exactly what you want.

Browsers would never offer such a feature. You can also see if there are DNS server or firewall with domain blocking that can offer that as well, but extensions are easier.

Inside Brave, all you can use the adblocker, you just create a custom lists/filters with ||example.domain^ and done. it should block everything first party in the website and make it almost useless.
You can also create something like example.domain##html and it will hide the HTML making it more useless even if you click proceed.

Then you just enable and disable the list when needed. That’s all that can be done inside Brava.
Policies are also a way to block websites but that require more time, unless you have Pro and can access the policy editor.

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Thanks for the reply! I don’t know why I didn’t think to check if there was an app for this kind of thing - lo and behold there are several, and I found one that seems to be doing the trick! Thank you!