Siteblock request?

Yeah i kinda need a siteblock… Help :frowning_face:
My life is destroyed by some things on the internet so i need your help plsplspls

Love yall <3

Use either an Extension, DNS server, there are some like adguard that offer public IPs in the case of adult sites and all that so you don’t need to make the server or NextDNS which has a free version, Host Files (if on Windows), or Policies.

Brave supports blocking domains, by using the adblocker, you only need to add ||^ or ||$document and then you can use CSP to block the sites further just by doing ||^$CSP=default-src. which would work better than ||^ since it would block everything and not just first party.

I guess a $script,xhr,image,font,stylesheet,document,other,websocket,media, might work, for this purpose.

You could even use the cosmetics or html or body (if you want dark mode) and it will make everything blank.

You can create custom lists or filters and load them in brave://adblock and done all you need to do is not to disable them and have self control, you can get also lists from
and then you use the filter uBlock Origin Static or uBlock Origin scriptlet injection and most should work in Brave unless they have $all, if they do, then don’t.

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