Best and safest way to block websites on Brave?

Trying to identify the best and safest way to block websites on Brave.

Use case, have addictive websites I want to block while in work mode and don’t wish to visit them at all. If I do want them to be blocked.

I don’t think you can do this directly with Brave, but maybe with an extension.

Maybe this one could work for you, but I haven’t tried it.

Same here, there’s no dedicated feature to achieve that.

Scroll the Chrome Webstore looking for “focus work block site” kinda keyword and you’ll find plenty of them.

The idea is to find any plug-in allowing you to block/unblock some site upon different criteria (days of the week, hours of the day, after a certain amount of time,…)

The other way is called self-discipline, but I won’t be the guy judging on this one :blush:

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