Basic website blocking functionality

I would like to see basic website blocking functionality. Just the ability to manually create a whitelist of blocked sites, and the ability to toggle the whitelist on/off.

This functionality exists in desktop browser plugins which aren’t available on iOS/iPadOS. There are standalone apps that serve this functionality but they’re VPNs loaded with other features that I don’t necessarily want to use all the time for such a simple and specific feature. Site-specific blocking also doesn’t exist in Safari or Screen Time.

I use this feature on the desktop to keep myself away from time-wasting websites and would benefit greatly from it being available on the iPad, which is the device on which I typically end up mindlessly browsing these types of sites.

This would be a feature that fits in well with the other privacy/control features Brave is known for, a potential differentiator from other iOS/iPad OS browsers, and would be relatively low effort to implement.

Thank you.

A better solution would be for Brave to support Apple’s Screen Time blocks which Google Chrome is supposedly working on:

Aside: I highly recommend the Intention addon for Brave on the desktop: