Ability to block websites

The modern man is more and more integrated with the web, and the corporations have gotten exceedingly good at capturing the modern man’s attention - sometimes against his or her best interest and even wishes.

Please allow us to easily block websites.

Not quite a “block website” but is something:

  1. Switch to aggressive mode ads/trackers in brave://settings/shields
  2. Then add a domain into brave://adblock. example, ||foxnews.com^ would show a blocked warning if you attempt to load the site.

Otherwise there should be various extensions available that do something more extensive.

I’ve probably found a solution for this for Windows OS(s).
You can block websites adding URLs in the hosts file:

  1. Go to C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\
  2. Copy the file hosts on the Desktop
  3. Open it with Notepad (or Notepad++)
  4. Add strings. An example:
    If you want to block foxnews.com, add the following string:
    " foxnews.com"
  5. Save changes and copy the new file in the folder (C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc)

Do I type that directly into the Custom filter as shown? For example, I would type ||cnn.com^ exactly and paste into Custom Filters. Is that correct? See snip below. TIA


Where is this information found? Is it the same for all windows OS systems and all websites? Or where can I find this information?

So, I am on win10. Following my previous example, if I want to block cnn.com, this would be the string I type: cnn.com

Is that correct? TIA too!

yes it work for all windows

check this one for extra details

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check the syntax here


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Nice article and easy to understand for the tech illiterate! lol I am going to browse other articles on that site. Thank-you! :smiley:

Edit: and thanks again! lol


@Chocoholic search engine is your friend :wink: and you very welcome :slight_smile:

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lol it is. I agree! I actually found the adblock site, but guess I just wasn’t entering the correct keywords for the other. Or at least everything I pulled up didn’t look relevant… you know, the tech illiterate thingie. :wink:

you fine just keep learning as everyone does :wink:

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not good enough.
I also want a website blocker, it would extremely cool if the search engines would let us do that but we know they never will.