Account blocked today 8

I was blocked today on the day of payments.
It doesn’t seem normal. Please check my account is very correct. Thanks.


Hi @liliana , I have the same, and many people too, in my opinion it is a pity that this could not have been done before, on the day of payment it is unfortunately a bit unpleasant :frowning:
But now all we can do is write to support directly on and waiting, we won’t do enything here. I hope is routine process, Best Regards,

Hello @HarryHaller ,
We expect
but do you think they answer?
Who will analyze the problem?

Brave it’s a SCAM! My account is blocked today with very big BAT balance. It’s normal for this project. I analyzed similar threads on this community. Brave pay first payment to referral and after when you drive much more traffic and sure wait for big payment, they blocks affiliates in day of payment. No one of blocked affiliates didn’t received payments after blocking. I spent thousands dollars on buying traffic and they blocked me.
I thinked that everyone who was blocked violated the terms, so before the advertising campaign I read very carefully the rules, communkity topics, reddit and all that was possible. I used exclusively ALLOWED advertising methods. I did not even write on my landing pages in the advantages that a brave gives you the opportunity to make money on advertising views or that periodically gives grants for use. I advertised it simply as a fast and convenient browser with an ad blocker. But even my excessive caution gave nothing.

Hi, I always was in touch with @Asad but now I’m waiting, I sent him my Google Ads screenshots. I have to stopped my actions unfortunately.


Hi! My account is under review from yesterday. Haven’t last payout and not answer from yet. I advertised through Google Ads, allowed by Brave rules. Now need to stop my Ads too ((.


Hi guys! Did somebody get answerd from Brave Team? My account was also blocked on August 8. I sent email with screenshots my Google Ads. I’m waiting for an answer and I hope for a solution to the situation. If someone has solved this problem, please write here.

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@HarryHaller @alexx @ProPlusMd @liliana Hi guys! Do you have news? Who was unlocked?

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finally yes. Thank you

I’m still blocked too. @Asad @steeven how long do we have to wait? Why are our accounts still blocked? Why were the checks not carried out?

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I really hope that I will soon be unlocked and receive a reward for the work done. While I don’t want to go to the media with these problems.

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I was cleared and my account was unlocked. But I stopped all my advertising activity on August 8 (therefore, I cannot violate any rules and cannot commit any “suspicious actions” even theoretically), and I will wait for payment. If I will not receive my money in September, we will know for sure that brave rewards is scam and I will probably spend some money to make my case public. If I receive my payment, I will delete all accusations from this and other topics.


@Asad why some people was unlocked but we are still locked? How long do we have to wait for check?

@ProPlusMd I hope that we receive money. Also I support you, if we do not receive payments, I will also be ready to spend some money on anti-advertising

Those people were suspended mistakenly. 99.9% of all suspension cases are not resolved until payout week.

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Hi @geor @ProPlusMd @alexx @liliana @macropulos @Dgenies and others.

I have just logged into my publisher account, thank you @Asad for your help and thank community for support. Best for all of you.

Told you, happy to see you logged back in.


@Geor @ProPlusMd Both of you are unsuspended now.

In the future, please reach out to me directly regarding anything related to suspensions - can handle stuff faster that way.


The best thing to do in this situation is sending all details about the promotion methods used to support team and reaching out to @Asad through community. @Asad is fantastic when it comes to support! Thanks. ( Always remember that brave team will be bombarded with 100’s of emails and it might take time to reach us back )

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How did all this end? There were many complaints about Brave’s legitimacy, and I am curious to know if they will be withdrawn.

@macropulos Hi!
My account was unlocked and I received tokens in 2 months.
Thank you Brave Team! Special thanks to @Asad.
I think I’m not the only one who received the reward.

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