My account is blocked

Hello, tomorrow I would receive my payment from last month of November and just today they block my account I think it is something unfair because it is not easy to get referrals and it takes a lot of effort and dedication to create content that people enjoy. I feel sad because this month I put all my effort to get referrals which would be paid tomorrow and that brave blocked my account a day before is something horrendous I hope for a soon response since brave respects the content creators I have everything legally and respected the terms and conditions of brave for content creators @steeven @steeven

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brave . cleanly locked referrer account

How sad that my account has been blocked today when tomorrow is the payment that is really sad, working monthly to grab the referrals so that they come and do that unfair apart one sends an email with tests they do not respond so that they waste time saying that they write to that really disappointed brave email, I didn’t think it was like that

I receive payment for my ads yesterday and today they say that my account is truly suspended I feel sad about my referrals I live so that they do that to me I am disappointed I was left without a job after the pandemic I met brave and excellent now they come out with these ban and one waiting for the money to fund the family @steeven

My account has been blocked for a month. I send e-mails, no one replies to them, Brave tries to deceive people who recommended the browser for them.


it’s time to remove the brave browser

Hi all, if your account is suspended, please write into I assure you that you will receive a response.

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