My account has been blocked

I’ve been waiting 5 days for an answer about my account. And still nothing that solve the problem, apart from that they did not make my payment.
I have not broken any of the rules or terms or conditions or copyright of anyone. And even so, this happened to me !.

the same thing happen here they send me email saying they pay me and then i receive same message my acc. is lock i havn.t done nothing but to try to finde were my payment was this bat. token shit starting to look like anather one of google lies to get user to clique shit then they geteven more riche with stealing r data selling it to marketing …

Did you go through the review/appeals process and email [email protected]?

I’ve been waiting 5 days for an answer, and nothing. The most incredible thing is that I have not broken any of the terms of Copyrigth nor have I attempted against other users and beneficiaries of the Brave Rewars program. And they still do not unlock my account, which puts in doubt the seriousness of Brave and its program of Rewards

Please understand that our Publishers support team is small and handling hundreds of support requests every day. I will reach out and see what I can find out.

Hi Gregory, please allow us extra time to review your account. I wrote you back an email requesting more information. Please, let’s continue this conversation over email in order to keep your account details private.

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