Cannot use some Facebook pages

Without being logged on to Facebook, I’ve opened in a private window. Shields doesn’t block anything, but the page is blocked: no scrollbars, no notices from FB.

I’ve noticed it depends on @fanboynz Annoyances List in brave://adblock: if I turn that list off, the pages start to work properly.

(Brave 1.19.88, Windows 10)

I get a scrollbar here, nothing blocked. Does other facebook pages cause issues?

No, some pages work (for example I don’t know what kind of element triggers the block; however, like I said, it definitely depends on Fanboy Annoyances List, because the problem goes away when I uncheck that list.

Does any blocked items show in ads/trackers ? If you enable the same lists in uBO does it do the same thing?

This may help, give it 24-48hrs.

The list of scripts blocked by Shields is empty.

At the moment I’m using a mobile phone, so I can’t try uBlock Origin, but I remember that when I had uBlock Origin + Brave for Windows, I had to disable cosmetic filtering in uBO for the domain, otherwise the scrollbar disappeared and the pages were blocked.