Brave Nightly on mobile reward page is blank!

Description of the issue:
So on my phone when i go to the rewards option my screen gets white without showing me anything , also i tried to verify my account so i can take out my BATs from the account and when i pressed the BAT symbol on top right, and after on the “unverified” to verify my account the screen goes again white without showing me anything at all!
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Options > Brave rewards > and screen goes white
  2. BAT symbol > Unverified > and screen goes white

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave ):
Brave - Nightly 1.40.56 Chromium
Mobile Device details
Mi Note 10 Lite

MIUI version : MIUI Global 13.0.1 Stable

Android Verson : 12 SKQ1.210908.001

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@waynay Hi :smiley: Well, you posted in the right spot unfortunately no one seems to have popped in to help. Are you still experiencing the problem? Please provide an update.

yep i have had that problem for months but i hoped an update will fix it, i guess not.

Tagging @Mattches to see if he can take a look. Is this a regression?

In the meantime, just for informational purposes, you could:

  1. Check that everything is up to date at brave://components/
  2. Clear history/cache, exit browser, and reopen.
  3. Create a new profile and see if still occurring in the new profile.
  4. Download/check Release and Beta and see if it occurs in those versions.

I did find two closed Brave GitHub issue reports, one for android and one for windows. The android was a regression but the fixes have been released. This was the fix Rewards page blank with devtools errors #22113 and this was the error in devtools image on windows. You might could check devtools (is this on android devices? I don’t know) and see if you are getting the same or similar error.