Blackboard Ultra Base Navigation has functionality issues within Brave, even with shields down & cookies/cache cleared

I am a professor and I’m trying to grade student assignments in Blackboard. While in the grading page, I click into the box to enter the 100, for example, and after I press the 1, a message pops up with an error. I have made sure I’m on NUM LOCK and that I"m in the right place. It works fine in Edge, but I very much dislike using Edge and haven’t had issue with Brave before.

I thought it might be blackboard, but it works fine in Edge or on another device with Chrome.

I thought it might be my computer/keyboard, but again, it works fine in Edge on this same device, and I have no other issues with my keyboard/system. The only issue is inside Brave. I have video of the issue, but as a new user, I cannot attach it.

It would be helpful to see the video — you can share it by uploading the video to (for example) and sharing the link here.

Additionally, it would be good to see any console output that appears when you produce the error. To do this:

  1. Visit the site in question in Brave and get right up to the point before the error appears
  2. Go to Menu → More tools —> Dev tools and click on the Console tab in the dev tools window
  3. Once the console window is open, go ahead and perform the actions that produce the issue
  4. Once the issue occurs, share a screenshot (or copy and paste) any output data that appears in the console window here so we can take a closer look in

Thank you

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