Biggest problems with Brave

Brave latest version enables privacy report. It’s really appreciable. But biggest problems aren’t solved:

  1. Brave is popular for adblocking but cosmetic filtering is not supported even now. Other Chromium based browsers like Bromite, Vivaldi, Adblock browser by eyeo GmbH, GeckoView powered Firefox, etc.

  2. It also says that Brave protects from fingerprinting but it easily reveals device model, etc. info which Bromite, Firefox, Adblock browser, etc don’t.

Please fix this as early as possible otherwise Brave will lose market.

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Will be available when this is shipped

Can you provide the test link for this?

You can go to on which first line is about device model. There it easily reveals device model. But Firefox, Bromite, etc don’t.

Otherwise you can also go to on which your browser along with device name is revealed. Again on Firefox, Bromite it’s securely hidden.

Thanks issue logged. Please track the progress there

Closing the thread for now. Please open a new one if required