Big disparity between rewards estimate and rewards received

I know there’s been a lot of posts about this (@steeven responded and closed). But I’m not a new user and I’m very familiar with how the rewards system usually works, and its not usual since last month. I’m used to the mismatch between what was estimated and what is actually earned - its usually much less than 1 BAT, but the disparity between the two has been particularly large for the February payment (in March) and now the March payment estimate showing today.

For example, I had earnings showing of 5.2 BAT - my estimate is 3.496 (the amount of BAT I held half-way through the month). Typically the estimate would have been something like 4.7.

Has somebody tweaked the cut-off date or something? I doubt I’m the only regular user noticing this and suspect the forum will be flooded with posts about it.

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Yea, i am experienced with rewards using them for years as well and got the same message and closed topic.

Something is wrong. It doesn’t make sense that 1+bat don’t get calculated because the ads weren’t reconsiled yet. That is too much. Some people had 4 bat left after reset. For me i get like 1.2 to 2 bat per week. How long are those ads not working properly. Makes barely any sense.

I had 8.3… after reset 6.6 waiting process and 1.7 still left in estimated earning.
And yes last month i had the same thing with different numbers happening.
That is not how rewards usually are or were. Unless the cutoff is on the 20th of the month now or something in the system is messy

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I just posted not getting any of my BAT for March. Kinda disheartening when I love the browser. However you are not the only one with concerns and I hope you are taken car

I also was supposed to receive over 10 BAT for the March payout (according to the estimate it had all month), and instead they processed only ~50% of that (5.346 BAT).

It seems like Brave is trying to save money on payouts by delaying payout to users until the BAT price goes down… but I could be wrong and this could just be a bug. Brave staff needs to confirm what is actually going on!

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Yes, same for me too. About half my BAT is marked for payment this month, and the other half seems to have rolled over into April (so today when the clock reset my BAT didn’t start from zero).

It does seem like the true reset point was not the 1st of the month, as you suggested.

Thanks all - am reviewing with the team.


Thanks for helping @steeven :slight_smile:

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Guess we finally got through with our “we know what you mean when you close our topics but that is not the issue we post about” :smiley:
Here let me upload some screens from my desktop and android to put this into something easily visible.
The left is always taking approximatly 2-4 minutes before reset last night and the right around 1 minute after reset.

Windows Desktop


:thinking: my case is very similar…12 hours ago (aprox.) when my account was cut off, only 50% was transferred to the usual 8-day wait. the rest of the rewards for the month of March, were accumulated for the next payment at the end of the month of April…I have come to think that this is an administrative tactic to prevent a large number of users or a large number of Bats, can be traded at a given time and thereby alter the price (down)…if that’s true, it’s a normal practice in the world of crypto. in short, it is a mandatory way to do hold :money_mouth_face: in any case, it does not affect me at all :tropical_drink:

It’s always been like that. The vast majority of time they’ll say there’s something wrong but won’t refund you what they admitted they owe you.
Also known as: stealing.

@talgeeze I’m not sure what you mean. If you’re missing BAT from previous payouts please DM me the affected Wallet ID.

@xMovingTarget can you DM me your Payment Wallet ID?

That’s not my experience. Admins are often bombarded with messages but if you can grab their attention they are usually really helpful.

I think this is more than a case of just the odd wallet - it seems to be across all my devices:

Brave browser on Windows 10 - expected 5.2 BAT - estimate 3.496 (balance moved to April)
Nightly on Windows 11 - counter has been stuck at 0.915 since 8th March - no ads and home page ads not being counted - estimate 0.16 (0.755 moved to April)
Brave on android - expected 3.1 BAT - estimate 0.907 (balance moved to April)
Nightly on android - expected 3.6 BAT - estimate 0.288 (balance moved to April).

I already sent it to you more than FOUR MONTH ago.

Hi @talgeeze, the last message that you sent in December was that your received your payment successfully. I’m a bit confused here on your issue. I’ll follow up directly in that DM.