Better Options for High Volume Facebook Media Buyers

Hey guys,

My name is Peter. I lead a team of affiliate marketers who spend $600k-$1m per month on Facebook advertising.

I am interested in promoting the Brave browser in exchange for BAT and have already drove 54 installs with a small test. I believe we can have great success using FB to get Brave downloaded and used by millions of people around the world. However there is one problem.

The 30 day payout schedule makes this impossible. If I invest $50,000 to promote Brave this week, I need to have my earnings back at the end of next week so I can reinvest back into promoting brave. The wait 30-days-until-conversion makes this ineffective for me to help out here.

Is there any other options you have for affiliates who want to promote Brave at scale?



I will probably disappoint you. You will wait not 30 days but much longer. After 30 days, confirmations just beginning to come, payment comes much later … If you bring the installation on August 2st, it will be confirmed only after 30 days, that is September 1st, and you will receive payment for it in the best case of October 8th if they will not block your account in the day of payment(read topics on this community) and POSSIBLE will pay money on the 8th of the next month if they will verify then you account in 1 month and if of course they really pay serious amounts (read the topics in community, there are a lot of them, though some of them brave team unlisted). I’m afraid there is no place for such budgets. We also are affiliate marketers team. I invested 10 times less and even though they confirmed to me that my account is unlocked and that I will definitely receive my payment on September 8th, I’m not sure about that.

Thank you ProPlusMd. I understand this is an issue.

I do know there is a team out there who is spending significant money on Taboola, Facebook, Outbrain and more. I am sure there is a unique solution for serious marketers who want to promote brave.

does anyone know the person in charge of new consumer aquisition??

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