Brave Referral Tracking... Feature Request Maybe?

A. Brave Referral Tracking… Feature Request Maybe?


C.i. Operating System is irrelevant I think
ii.Version 1.10.97 Chromium: 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)

D.i. I downloaded and installed Brave for someone on a new mobile device using my own referral link.

ii. I checked, and followed up on days later, my Brave Rewards Creators page at to verify the referral stats.

iii. Days later the referral has still only shown as downloaded even though Brave was, and still is, installed, and has even been getting used, on that device but the referral stats only show a download but no install three days after being installed and being used repeatedly.

E. In my opinion, there is nothing offensive about this post and the template doesn’t really allow for me to say all that I wanted to say regarding the feature request aspect of the reason for this post. I might be in the wrong area for that too but there is a correlation. I’ll just wait for a reply though to elaborate on the Feature Request aspect. Note, that the device in question here is primarily for use by a family member in my household that is not old enough to have their own email address, so the initial install of this singular instance of the Brave Browser download, and install, in question here is associated with the same exact email address that is the email address associated with my Brave Rewards Creator account. I don’t know if that matters at all but thought there might be some correlation. Further note that 2 months ago I had 10 downloads reported, 2 installs and no confirmations according to the Referral Stat that contradicted statements from a couple of referred friends that personally told me that they had used my link to download, install and use Brave for more than 30 days, which was another factor that led me to testing the referral link for myself by using my own link on a secondary device technically owned by me, and associated with my Brave Creator account, even though the device is primarily being used by another member of my household. At this point, I only want to confirm a single instance for myself that the referral link does indeed work as it should rather than just relying on statements from a couple of friends. Thanks for reading and please reply at your earliest convenience.

I have the same issue. Something does not add up. I have had only one payout 2 months ago. Yet I have had signups and people use brave but it does not reflect. how do we get help for this issue?

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