Begging for yall to make tabs pin-able on Android

Too many times when brave crash, all of my tab groups are gone. And some of these are important tabs for my works. Unlike Windows, you cannot go into history and recover the entire group of tabs that you had. All of my tabs are unrecoverable because it’s too far down in History to be search for especially if I haven’t click on them for a while. I cannot go back into History hours and hours trying to find 30-40 tabs within all of my history searches.

Please just make tab pin-able. Allow us to pin tab groups so even when the browser decided to act funny, the tabs are still retain.

If Something is Important, Bookmark it instead of attempting to Pinning all tabs.

I rather have pin tabs. It’s not just the important tabs. The crashing and tabs disappearing is still an issue whether if I bookmark some important things or not.

What is your Phone Specifications?

If crashing is happening more often, the Problem might be you may not have a Powerful Phone with Higher RAM and Still attempting to open more tabs all at once and also having Lot of Background Process Running could cause this issue.

This is mine:

Even if pin tab isn’t possible, I wish they can have something that you can recover the tabs like you are able to on PC when you go to history if it magically disappear. Of course bookmarks are handy dandy but being able to pin some tabs/tab groups would be great.

The Simplest Solution is dont be like Most People who spends 90% of the browsing in Phone and use PC only for 10%

Use Phone version of Brave only for Emergency Searches and Spend Most of your time on PC in the Big Screen.

May not be what you wanted as solution, But this will be Effective, Try it.

Also with PC, you have Session Manager Extensions which saves your activity in cloud which makes/keeps your web activity data Safe.

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