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I had been having good luck with the “Reopen Previous Tabs” popup each time I launched Brave. I’ve just missed the popup this time, and so all of my numerous previously pinned tabs are now gone.

Is there a way to make pinned tabs genuinely remain between Brave sessions, or restore them after missing the popup, so that they don’t have to be re-pinned if one makes a mistake?



This might work, go to Settings and look for this option.

If you don’t clear your browsing history you could open a New Tab Page and click on history and restore them from there . That can be found on bottom right of the NTP.

Just open the pages in history by clicking on them.:sunglasses:


Hi, thanks very much for taking the time to reply. I will try this and hopefully it will work. I appreciate it!

Update: Doh! Already checked, lol. This is what’s giving me the, “Reopen Previous Tabs” dialogue, I think. I am a little bit addicted to persistent pinned tabs, so if anyone else has any thoughts, please do chime in…

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