BBC website changes from to

I am getting fed up with the UK BBC website changing to every two days or so. I try clearing cache, removing shields but it still happens. works fine with Edge and Google Chrome, so why does not Brave work. I use a VPN but the IP is based in the UK. Hopefully this can be resolved, if not I am dumping Brave and defaulting to Chrome. A pity really as Brave is quicker.



Try the address which seems to have the same content as

No that is not the layout I want. I much prefer the content as the normal link. If I can get it in Chrome and Edge, it must be the settings in Brave that is changing it,

The url will change based on the location, you’ll need to clear the cookies and cache for bbc.* between vpn changes.

I cleared all the cookies and I am now using a fixed location VPN - stays the same every time I boot into my system but Brave still persists to go to BBC.COM, whereas Edge and chrome go to When I select in Brave it opens initially in the UK version but then immediately switches to Looks like I’ll have to dump Brave; my daughter and Grandson are having the same issues and they are waiting on me to see what to do to stop. So unless there is a definitive answer for this it looks like goodbye Brave.

Even with my VPN not running, the changes to, so having a vpn is not the reason. I cleared all the cookies and stopped the vpn but when I opened it momentarily opened before reverting to Beginning to think the stuff you saying here is crap!

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