BAT vanished after complaining for redeeming Ad rewards from browser


I sent this image two days back (Dec 6) in this same brave community page with estimated pending rewards of 11.900 BAT. After 2 days of request(Dec 8), now It got updated to 5.025 BAT, which means that there has been some transaction happened. But literally I checked everywhere no transaction happened. The difference amount has just vanished. I have provided all the required details below. Please resolve this issue ASAP @steeven .

Latest reward page:

Wallet info

Key info seed: Valid

Wallet payment ID: 2391a759-864f-4aef-a299-2790e2ccfc1d

Wallet created:: 11/17/2020, 02:00:38 PM

Brave 1.17.75 Chromium: 87.0.4280.88 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Revision 89e2380a3e36c3464b5dd1302349b1382549290d-refs/branch-heads/4280@{#1761}
OS Windows 10 OS Version 2009 (Build 19042.662)

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