Lost My Bat Tokens from Android Browser wallet

I received 10.3 BAT for the last month. But suddenly Tokens Vanished somehow, provided the Auto contribution was Off now I am left with 3.7 bats. At least tell me what is going on.

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Hi @Abhishek510, please see Payments not being deposited to your Uphold account.

the wallet is still not verified so the link is not useful. I received all the Bats for last month but the issue is that the Bat went missing latter

Please DM your wallet ID. Thanks!

How do I find Wallet ID on Brave Android app


Wallet id : 1f06bfe4-5cf1-409c-91b3-92316ec7ab8a

@steeven I have posted the requested data

Refund sent @Abhishek510.

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@steeven thanks for the help

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