BAT Rewards randomly dissappeard

My BAT Rewards decided to randomly disappeared twice in this month. First from around 4 BATs to 0.75, and today it again reduced to 0.01. Can I recovered it somehow?

I have turned off auto-contribute, and a look around here seems that a lot of people got the same problem as I do. Have anyone managed to resolve this? Thanks!

Me also experiencing the same weird situation! Reported to the Mods here. Hope they are workin on something… But it’s too much painful to witness twice this in a row. Lost almost half of the BAT earlier this month and yesterday again it halved. Don’t know what’s happening…

Second time this has happened to me this month. BATs got reduced from 2.535 to 0.120.

Same here, does anyone know how to fix this issue?

it happened to me the 2nd time this month too

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