BAT reward please give me more information

Okay I’m from the U.K. I’ve got the brave downloaded onto my iPhone 8plus when do I start to get the BAT token or do I have to wait until it comes to U.K.

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Hello! As far as I understand, the browser for the IOS system is still under review, maybe it’s already working, maybe not. But so far is what I understand.


Hi @Tapiwa_5,
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First, Brave Rewards is available for desktop and Android. iOS support is coming.

Brave Ads (where you can opt-in to see private Brave ads and earn some BAT) now available with the latest release of Brave for desktop.

Release nore Release Channel version [0.63.48] is live!

Blog post

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any way to check if it’s working ? a site to visit that will send an ad notification ?

@moutezz You just need to browse normally as usual. Brave will show you a notification when it think that you are “not busy”.

Here’s an “old” video, demo-ing Brave Ads

Please note, that Brave Ads currently only available for US, Canada, UK, French and Germany. More info you can read the blog post shared above and some helpful articles

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Do you know if the Macos is under review? I truly have everything working properly, live in canada so region is fine. (NO ADS POPUP), Ive done all the basic restarts with computer and app. All updated, No VPN. I trade crypto understand it, I swear i have everything gtg. Macbookpro, Canada, just No ADs.

Canada, Macbook Pro, Ads not showing up. I have eveything turned on, spent hours making sure everything was TIP TOP. All systems are a go, No VPN just regular me with Regular Computer —No seeing Ads, I sent some BAT over from Coinbase. Everthing is updated and restarted. Just no ads period, ive waited not moving mouse blah blah. Thanks haha

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