BAT Reward Missing, Problem receiving reward when viewing ads

BAT Reward disappeared. Problem receiving reward when viewing ads. The problems are two, the first is that it does not always reward me when opening the ads (and I have had them open for half a minute to more than a minute), I don’t know if it is because the Ad Block is activated and that interferes with the script or if it is a bug. On one occasion he showed that he had no rewards and a few minutes later, after refreshing the browser, they returned. The problem is that if I open 5 ads maybe I only get rewards for 3 of them.

The second problem and it has happened to me more than once, is that for example I have 2.6 BAT and when I look back later, I have 2.5 BAT, I have disabled contributing, I also have different protections on the computer. I would like to know if the missing rewards and the advertisements I saw will be paid, but they were not taken into account and if this is a bug.

Hi @madago - thanks for reaching out. What OS and Brave version are you using? Would you be willing to send a screenshot of your Ads transaction panel?

Thanks in advance!

Windows 8.1 Pro 32 bit

Versión 1.4.95 Chromium: 80.0.3987.122 (Official Build) (32-bit)

0.1 BAT disappeared now, today I had 2.9, now 2.8bat. I have antivirus, windows firewall, anti ramsomware and anti key logger

Ak me if you need anything more.

Hi @madago - Users are rewarded for viewing ad notifications as they appear in Brave. Users are not rewarded for clicking on ads.

Did you receive an Ads payout in February?

“Users are rewarded viewing ad notifications as they appear in Brave.”

Yes, I know. I have opened the notifications of advertisements that appear in Brave, however it has not rewarded me for all of them, some yes, others not. Yes, I received a reward in February, it was transferred to my Uphold account, although somewhat less than I expected since the same thing happened to me. Also, the other problem is the missing bat.

Here you can see the problem.

If you look at the image from the previous post, you will see that I had 2.8 bat and 8 Ad notifications received, in the images attached, you can see that now, I have 10 Ad notifications received, which is an increase of 2, however, my BAT instead of be 3, it’s 2.9, that is, it only increased by 1.

What is the payment per notification, really? If i do the math correctly, it’s about 0.05 BATs per notification (or something like 1.1-1.2 cents in US$, or CPM of about $11-12). So, even if a user has his browser open 24/7, with the maximum number of notifications set, that would be some 180 BATs (about US$40) per month - but apparently nobody can have his/her browser open 24/7 for 30 days straight, and there aren’t many advertisers paying to show that many untargeted ads.

So, Brave Software has created a system where everyone is unhappy to participate (once they get the whole picture): users are rewarded up to just a few cents per hour, publishers have very few (if any) ways to promote their content, and advertisers are unwilling to pay for untargeted ads.

If this whole situation doesn’t change dramatically within the next few weeks, the whole system will collapse.

Did we say #fail? 3 over 3 is not just #fail… it’s #epic #fail

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Hi @madago - please see number 2 in this post - A quick note concerning this month's ad earnings payout email and estimated earnings.

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