BAT payment Gateway - API


Hello, i have a big web project World ProMusic , we have subcriptions (monthly and yearly), im interested in know if exist an API for make payments similar to Stripe for example, but using BAT with brave, the idea is offer this pay method but using the Brave browser and use the brave wallet.

The function that i say is the next:

User go to wordlpromusic, he want a subcription but he wants use BAT, then they need use BRAVE and make a wallet and pay the subcription for example (monthly or anual of worldpromusic website). He recharges his wallet and can pay in sites that offer this pay method.

I think that this is a great idea. BRAVE evolve and more peolpe know the system and this Coin.

If exist some similar please say me, i searched but not found nothing.

Thanks and have a nice day

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I have a similar idea where privacy is a big concern possibly but I’d like to get communities I’m part of or run to be safer online and brave is simple out of the box way to help them but theres more to the bat coin or ideas of how to integrate it and blockchain/crypto to and help users be safe and private by using best practices and various know tips etc or example brave can be used on mobile or PC and not require the need or geek parts and make it easy for older or tech ignorant users and or cater to the fellow geeks techs and nerds that just happened to also be a large demo…

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