Implement Brave Reward BAT to other systems

Dear community,

I use Brave already some weeks and I’m quite excited about it.
I am full time medical doctor but in the spare time an android developer since it’s my passion.

I developed in the time some medical apps to support the users (like blood pressure diary and so on…).

According to you - is there a way to implement BAT system revenue to my app too? It means “rewarding” the users for using my app…

I’m quite a newbie in the crypto world even though I started studying already - but my way is still at the beginning.
So please - tell me - if you reckon at the moment this is still not possible.

PS: I’m already studying a way to implement to accept payments in cryptocurrencies

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In the future IIRC. I’ve no information about this ATM.

Is there any book available in the market I can study about how BAT blockchain works?