BAT not matching in Uphold And I'm not getting any help

Since my old post seems to be getting ignored, here is a new one.

I need a Brave customer support agent to fix this issue.
My BAT is not matching between my Brave Wallet and my Uphold wallet. I wish to withdraw the funds I have earned from using this garbage browser but Brave has not properly linked with my Uphold account. I don’t see why I can’t just withdraw the funds from within the browser itself. That just shows how garbage it is.

Why are the BAT not matching up, and someone, please get me into contact with someone who makes this pos browser.

I am getting frustrated with Brave, its constant crashing, and there being NO customer support.

I thing the reason is the actually version of Brave Browser.

We hope in the next version it will works.

Greeting from Germany

Und was ist jetzt mit seinen BAT? Noch ein Nutzer für eine Sammelklage?
Ich vermiss auch ca. 120 BAT, kine hilft oder anwortet… Ich habe mir meine BAT VERDIENT !!!

And what about his BAT now? Another user for a class action lawsuit?
I also miss about 120 BAT, kine helps or answers … I earned my BAT !!!

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Can you tell me when you verified your Uphold wallet?

Well I have the current version of Brave. I figured maybe I was outdated and checked but there are no updates. The crashing is a minor annoyance, and it just happens randomly. Even if I’m not clicking or loading any pages. But the main issue, is that Brave says I have almost 200 BAT, and I linked my Brave wallet to Uphold, and Authorized it and all that fun stuff, and Uphold says I just barely have over 21 BAT, and that came from an Uphold user that sent it to me. So it wasn’t even BAT from Brave. When is the syncing issue going to be resolved?

The 15th of February this year. But Brave and Uphold are not synced at all. The BAT I have on Uphold came from an Uphold user that sent me some BAT, so all of my Brave BAT is completely inaccessible.

Da gebe ich dir Recht, jedoch sehe ich das hier als “verloren”, da Kryptowährung nicht gesetzlich abgesichert sind. ( Nur eine Vermutung )

Ich habe 70 BAT und möchte diese auch so schnell wie möglich transformieren.

That’s right, but I think your missing BAT are lost, because there are no legally secured, at the moment.

I have 70 BAT on my phone and want transform this via sync to the wallet

Greeting from Germany

Mit dem Download des Browsers und der Teilnahme an den Rewards ^^
ist ein Vertrag zustande gekommen.

  A contract has been concluded by downloading the browser and

participating in the Rewards ^^.

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Ok, danke für die Mühe das Kleingedruckte heraus zu suchen.

Das war von mir keine Rechtsbelehrung.


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Hatte ich auch nicht so verstanden, das war nicht ironisch gemeint. Das war wirklich gut das du das herausgesucht hattest, ich wusste nicht das durch das BraveReward ein " Vertrag " zu Stande kommt.


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Alles klar :slight_smile: Meine Meinung: Naja, man schaut sich ja nicht zum Spaß die Werbung an oder? Auch wenn jemand Dir etwas Spendet, steht es dir auch zu. Ich benutze auch keine Beta- oder Alpha-Version.
Ansonsten kann man dann auch andere Browser nutzen als den Brave…

So werde mich aber nicht mehr weiter hier zum Thema äussern. Danke

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Mine didn’t match either, now I’m 96 BAT short… and nobody cares

Can you tell me when people who had BAT disappear from their wallet will be reimbursed

We are pushing a release today that has some code changes in it that will allow us to reverse what’s happened with your “disappearing” BAT. Note that it may not be instant and you will likely have to wait a day or two at least before everyone is reimbursed fully.
We appreciate your patience.

Thank you for the response

Well the update has not let me be able to sync the wallets and Brave still crashes. Great update. Fixed none of my issues.

Wallet sync was not what was being fixed or included and is still in development. We’re referring to general, bookmarks sync and no, it’s still disabled because something in the code was causing consistent crashes for users.

If you are updated and Sync is still disabled and you’re still experiencing crashes, then that likely means your crashes are caused by something else entirely – more than likely by one of the many extensions you have installed. Try launching a new profile or private window (make sure you don’t have any of your extensions configured to run in private mode) and see if the browser crashes.

I have been using brave on two machines. I use the same wallet. They have always been in sync in terms of the total balance. Today, I see different balances in each of the machines. I verified uphold today and I see balance from only one machine. What to do? How can I get balance from other machine into uphold?

I am having same issue