Syncing BAT to Uphold wallet

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Below are my issues and emails/responses from support from uphold and brave![brave uphold issue|690x388]


Uphold Support (Uphold Support)

Mar 19, 9:50 PM MST

Hello, Richard.

Thanks for contacting Uphold, I hope you are doing great!

I’m sorry you are experiencing this inconvenience.
In this case, since your Uphold account is both fully verified and linked to your Brave wallet, you shouldn’t have any issues receiving your BAT.
I would recommend you to contact Brave support directly at [] and explain to them the situation, they are qualified to help with this sort of situation.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Kind regards,

Carlos and the Uphold Team

Richard Sims

Mar 19, 9:37 PM MST

My brave wallet and uphold account balance don’t match even though it claims my wallet is verified through brave? What do I do?

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My brave wallet balance and uphold balance aren’t matching, so I’m not actually able to withdraw or use my brave balance other than of course sending tips. However I sent a 1 bat tip to myself (I’m a youtube creator) and I didn’t receive it either. Anyway, I included a screen shot of the issue and the email to uphold support with their response. Please help! I love Brave and BAT and really are putting my money on you guys to be one of the cryptos that are around a long, long time.–
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Thank you for reaching out to Brave!

The most efficient way to request direct support and to talk to a real human is via our Community support forum at Brave team members often address issues on Community directly. There are also answers to many common browser and publisher issues there as well. Before you post, check to see if your question has been answered already!

The Brave Help Center also is full of common questions and solutions. Check it out at

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Hello @Oddyseous,
First, you don’t need to copy an entire emails to this forum. You just need to write your issue to make it easier to understand your issue. :sweat_smile:

Then, can you make sure you’re on the latest version? Issue syncing wallets using Uphold is now fixed

Version 1.5.113 Chromium: 80.0.3987.149 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Also since posting this it either synced or someone from brave sent me my BAT I have no idea what happened but had 3 transactions happen bring it up to date??

Did you see a same balance both on your Uphold account and Rewards wallet @Oddyseous?

I do now but only after posting here did it magically appear from 3 different transactions so no idea what happened but it seems to be okay now I guess??


Thanks for the confirmation. Thread I linked previously mentioned that this issue is fixed in the latest release 1.5.x.

Closing this thread for now.
Feel free to open a new thread if you have another report/question.

Thanks for using Brave.

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