BAT not increased when viewing sponsered images

hi there team brave I have been using my brave today 8 am continuously and have been seeing the sponsored images but the view count has been increased after 4 ads and the BAT has also not been added to this months amount

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ntp ads only pay 4/hour no matter how many appear within an hour, and you only get paid 20 every 24 hours, that mean that if you get your first ntp ad at 7:00 o’clock and then reach the 20 ads limit within 6 hours, you will not get paid any other ntp ad until 7:00 of the next day


@Deepak993635 you seem to be getting ads from other region, this sometimes happen when there are not Sponsored images(ntp ads campaigns) available for your region, other times it simply happen and then it goes back to normal – in my case the longest time I have had this bug has been 2 days –

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