Anyone knw why i'm not getting paid for sponsored images?

please does anyone knw why i am not getting paid for sponsored images?

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I don’t know the exact reason behind this but I have a assumption that maybe you have used vpn.
Well wait for official support though

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Are you over the limit for the hour (4/hour) or the day (20/day)? Are there any NTP ads showing in your page at ? Are you not getting BAT for ANY of them? If the latter, this is a known issue, and a fix will be released soon.

If you mean this issue →, it might be fixed later today as the fix is scheduled for an uplift for the upcoming milestone, which is currently scheduled for a release today.


Brave displays ads for regions that you aren’t paid for. I believe the developers are located in the US, and they don’t really test how it works outside the US it seems like. So you might be shown ads that aren’t for your region, and therefore you don’t get paid.

You can see the ads in your region on Next time you get an ad, check if it’s on that page. If it isn’t, then you suffer from this bug.

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