BAT not delivered?

BAT that was supposed to be credited to my account was not credited to my account.

The forum says the deployment is complete but I don’t have the money.

Hi, sometimes they don’t get credited due to some technical issues. Most likely you will receive them in the next month’s payout (October).

You can also raise a ticket here →

Why is my August award given in October? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That happens sometimes. You’ll get September + August rewards in October

has happened to me, they did get paid in the following payout

@Grau Best thing is just to submit the Support Ticket as originally suggested. They did have some issues this month with some Users. Best way for them to investigate and get payment to you will be by going through official ticket. If you’re just asking here on the forum, then you’re likely just going to be getting replies by Users like us, who can’t do anything for you.

Any time you have any issues at all regarding Rewards that needs the attention of someone from Brave, such as issues with payment, make sure you create a support ticket. If you feel you still want or need to create a Topic here to make people aware, then go ahead but make sure to include a ticket number in that topic/post that way if anyone from Brave sees it, they can jump right to handling the issue instead of reaching out to ask a bunch of questions first.


I contacted. They deposited the money in my account(uphold). :+1:


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